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Una de samurais, Thirteen Assassins

Eran muchos personajes pero en nada te das cuenta que es mejor que no te encariñes con ninguno de ellos. Y eso que el jovencito que sigue a su maestro y que no ha matado nunca a nadie es una monada!!

Algunas cosas guays por las que merece la pena ver la peli:

1. Jidaigeki. The very word excites me, lol. I mean, think of all the lovely things that come with the term: Samurai! Swordplay! Blood! Spilled guts! Funny clothing! Horseback riding! Chonmage! (errr okay so I was never a fan of bald-pated topknots, so scratch that) Tranquil mountain forests and pristine streams! Men talking in strange languages!!! (uh, scratch that too, I keep forgetting that Old Japanese is still… Japanese, so it durn’t really matter if I’m watching a contemporary or a period flick, lol.) Still, jidaigeki jidaigeki jidaigeki. *gurgles with happiness*

4. Suicide Missions. Think Jet Li’s Hero meets Zac Snyder and his 300Byakkotai (okay scratch that last one lol). As with any suicide mission, you know, as do the brave men who go on them, that such assignments are doomed from the very beginning, and yet they strive to complete their mission, paying dearly in blood and mangled flesh and the very last breath in their battered bodies. I love the reckless bravado and deeper, stronger bonds of brotherhood that infuse stories in this vein, and of course that familiar air of heroic desperation as the men train, fight, and later, die side by side. Each Mission – especially if it is one that seeks justice and the restoration of peace, and most of the time, it does – may be a lost cause from the onset, but one still worth taking. And that always makes for a damn compelling story.

5. Remakes. It’s always interesting to see how old standards are given a fresh re-imagining and re-working by a new team. The familiar story and characters are still there, but now it’s a different mind that brings them to life; a different set of hands putting the pieces back together; a different assemblage of actors inhabiting these beloved roles; a different technology taking the production to an exciting new level of cinematic wizardry; and yes, a new generation of movie audiences — perhaps a little more discerning and sophisticated… or not, lol — demanding to be wowed and entertained. Admittedly, remakes and adaptations are perhaps the diciest things a director can choose to do in his career, for the obvious reason that he will be hard put to deliver something that feels inventive and original while staying true to the spirit of the source material. But from what I’ve read about Miike Takashi, he can be considered anything but predictable, so let’s hope he strikes the right balance in this film. Still worth the (risky) shot, I’ll say.

6. Ensemble Casts. Likened to The Dirty Dozen, the cast of Thirteen Assassins are literally a baker’s dozen of actors whose combined body of work spans decades – continents, even. I cannot wait to see how the dynamics between the actors, and between the characters, will play out in the story. I mean, for lack of a better word… w00t!!! (lol)
codpiece-wearing Spartans meets YamaPi’s

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yakusho koji, yamada takayuki

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