miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

El japonés y la modernidad

Yamada Takayuki. Yamada Yamada Yamada, you slay me every time. (Literally in this film it seems! Oooofffhh) Ah Yamada. Where you go, I go. I don’t care if you’re the shortest little assassin of the bunch – or, come to think of it, of any drama/film cast you’ve ever been on, lol. But that’s immaterial. I hope the WHOLE WORLD gets to see you for the incredible actor that you are. I’d be head over heels in love with you by now IF I didn’t pee in terror each time you went off on your crazy-eyed rampages. You scare me sh*tless just thinking about what your loose-cannon characters will do next. Why do you keep playing these volatile, intense, deliciously twisted individuals? Prolly ‘coz you’re the only one in your generation who CAN. That’s how effective an actor you are.

10. Oldies But Goodies. Oh what am I saying, talented old people RUUUULE the Earth, baby. I counted eight veterans in the cast, so yay for age diversity! There’s Yakusho Koji (Shall We Dance?) as Shimada Shinzaemon, the leader of the assassins. And – oh oh! It’s Uchino Masaaki! And oh my goodness, Matsu Takako’s otosan is in this movie too!!!! Lol. Okay, so to others he’s known as Matsumoto Koshiro, revered actor and the current head of Japan’s premiere kabuki clan — and a living national treasure in his own right. But to (my fave J-actress) Matsu Takako he’s simply… Pops. Hmmm…

Fuente: The Little Dorama Girl y Zimbio

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  1. pues no lo sé, igual no porque en la peli tiene hasta pelo en el pecho... algo, una cosa simbólica y aislable, que se podían contar prácticamente...