jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Steve McQueen y sus dirty bikes

Guapo, sexy, encantador, un icono y además un tipo muy práctico!

McQueen himself is kind of final about his role as a motor sportsman. “Look, I’m an actor, not a racer. I love bikes for the fun they give me, not the money they might have given me. You can’t earn more than $80,000 a year racing bikes, and you work your tail off doing even that, races every weekend for seven months of the year and from coast to coast. I think that if I’d started young enough in motorcycle racing, I could have been ranked,” says the actor, now 41. “I’ve won my share of races, and I’ve lost them, too. I was in heavy competition with Scooter Patrick for the course lap record at Phoenix, and finally I did it—I set the record. But it’ll be broken. That’s how it goes and how it should go. Sport is not like art. There is no ‘best’ in sports, only ‘getting betters.’”

Fuente: The Selvedge Yard

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