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Bruce Lee Forever

Hay iconos que no se agotan nunca, nunca. (Ver post siguiente)

Bruce Lee

Admittedly, Bruce Lee made his biggest impression when he was dressed down. No one who saw Lee's legend-making Enter the Dragon could help marveling at the actor's torso, as extraordinarily defined as an action figure's, or the lightning-fast-but-somehow-cool manner in which he effortlessly laid waste to thugs of all shapes and sizes. But have you ever seen a shot of the man wearing a suit? Wide lapels, Texas-sized belt buckles, oversize sunglasses: It all evinced the swagger and daring of surging midcentury Hong Kong, from where Lee first fled at the age of 18 after getting into a street fight with a local rival, and it was a bold, masculine look only a guy of Lee's confidence and prowess could pull off. Sadly, Lee died less than a month before the premiere of Enter the Dragon in 1973 at age 32, ending a career that burned as blisteringly and short as a night in Kowloon.—JOHN THOMPSON

* What goes for glasses goes for sunglasses, too. Even if you're going for the oversize look, your sunglasses should be no wider than your face and complement its shape.

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