sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Tony Leung Update (actividad navideña incluida)

Tony returned to Hong Kong and went shopping with a colleague in Admiralty. He bought a set of sports clothes. When asked when he would return to Kaiping for shooting, he said he would be back very soon.

After attending the event in BJ, Tony returned to HK. He was in good mood, and revealed that he came back to HK to take care some stuff, and would return to Kaiping to continue shooting afterwards. When asked about the progress, Tony said, "We shoot for over 10 hours every day, and there should be no break on New Year Eve. The earliest break should be in Chinese New Year. My arm's injury has fully recovered. But injury is unavoidable when shooting action movie."

TVB recently re-run Tony's first TV show . The reporter commended Tony for keeping good shape. Tony smiled and said he was much younger back then.

From Carina: Happy New Year! Healthy, Happy, Be Yourself! Thank you...for being with us all these years!

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