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Como casarse con un BIllonario (X)

Chapter 6: Sex and how to use it. Remember men are stupid (2ªparte)

Men really can´t say why a particular girl is good looking (or sometimes even correctly determine she´s of the female species in the first place). For the most part, men are blunt instrumens; they don´t read the subtle signals or delicate details
When men are looking for attractive women, they´re looking at the lipstick, the dress and the shoes - and, most important, the "feel good" sense. How doees this woman make me feel? They also particulary fall for the femine cliché - a woman who is sensual, soft and acts like a woman, even if her heart us hard as nails.

Often the woman who nabs her target is the one who makes that man feel sexy, powerful and desirable. The best place to do this, of course is the bed.

Sex is one area where men are extremely vulnerable, and where Shanghai Girls are at their best.

Tips on Sex:

1. Be open-minded: sexual flexibility goes far

The most accurate description of a Shanghai Girl í´ve ever heard is the following: "when a shanghai girl eats fish, she goes into all the crevices and orifices and leaves nothing untouched. At the end of her meal, there are only bones left."

Most Shanghai Girls harbor no specific inhibitions when in bed because they have not been indoctrinated inti any taboos refarding wwhat good girls shouldn´t do. A Shangai Girl knows a body is a physical thing and, many loyalties dependencies and addictions can be created if she hits the right combination of deep, emotional craving with physicall stimulation.

Remember: keep your bedroom activities to yourself; exercise your utmost discretion. Never dispaly any evidence of your bedroom life in public for two reasons: you don´t want other potential suitors marking you as someone else´s mistress; and secondly, restraing during any public outing will have your guy hankering even more of you.

Shanghai Girls, by Lan Lan, as told to Mina Hanbury-Tenison
Fotos Asian Models Blog

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