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Como casarse con un BIIlonario (IV)

Tips to find wealthy men

1. Rich men don´t always look rich. And many who look rich are not. You can´t gauge wealth by oberving someone´s spending. Some of the richest people are also the most tightfisted people in the world.

2. Do you reserch, […] the internet has made it relatively simple to find out the background of any person who has some public profile. What is his job title? Who are his family? Ask him casually about his siblings remember the nnames and check them out. […]

3. Train yourself to see beyond the external package. Remember that other people´s opinions are not necessarily trustworthy –they may be misinformed or promoting a lie to benefit themselves. Even so, take their gossip and information as data and integrate them into your own research. […]

Some foolproof strategies to get close to that wealthy man

Rule 1: Never understime what is around you. […] How did they start? First of all, they look around them and identified places with potential for them –hotels catering to foreing bussines clients or foreing companies settieng up office in China. Those places meant foreing, and foreing money. But one of the prerequisites of getting a job at these places was speaking competent englis, wich many of these girls could not. And what was the quickest way for these girls to improve their Englis? Acquire an English-speaking boyfriend.

Rule 2: Move up and out of your restricted social circle. […] A Shangai Girl never misses a party, gathering or particulary, a bussines trip that comes her way. She´ll make sure she´s looking fantastic and these events and won´t hesitate to meet new prospects using her charm. She´ll also use her work to meet other who may offer her a better position or better oportunities, the key to doing this is to be perfectly mannered yet gently assertive. Sure other will hate you because they don´t have the guts ti approach the senior manager at the company party and tell him how great his speech was, but al long as you remain impeccably polite to everyones, they can´t do anything about it. In fact they´ll look petty for bad-mouthing you.

Rule 3: Take up the hobbies the rich enjoy. Shangai Girls are adept at moving into the social milieu they want to enter. Some women start buying and selling antiques although they may know nothing about it; other take up restoring rare books (a surfire way to meet wealthy collectors); other get very active in the types of charities where they can meet the wealthy. Charity is always a safe bet; it´s a good way to approach rich people. And added bonus is that these men will allways think of you as a generous –hearted woman.

Shangai Girls seize opportunities

Lulu learnt sailing by offering to go in trips with a penniless guy who
lived on his sailboat, but went out to sea whenever he could. He taught Lulu
everithing about sailing. This taught, she then became a sailing instructor
part-time at a prestigious club. When one particulary wealthy boat owner put a
sing asking if someone would go along on a long sailing journey with him, Lulu
was the first to answer the notice and now she is this billonaire´s live-in

Shanghai Girls, by Lan Lan, as told to Mina Hanbury-Tenison
Fotos Asian Model Blog

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