miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Como casarse con un BIllonario (X)

2. It´s all in the Details. 
Charm is a matter of noticing detail. What is the guy wearing? Is it worthy of a comment? What is he saying? Do you have a good rejoinder that shows you´ve been listening closely? What is he doing? Can you make some comment to show that you´ve noticed him? It´s not even what you say, since many Shanghai Girls have been able to do this even with a very limited command of the English language.  Sometimes just a smile can express "i see you just missed ypur elevator; how annoying. It happens to me, too". Many things don´t have to be said; a quick sympathetic glance can convey a sense of conection. Has he just dropped something? If you see him regularly, does he look slightly different today? Whether it is your boss, your client, some random man on the street or a stranger at a party, it is this attention to small details and extending yoursekf a little that makes a girl charming.

Shanghai Girls, by Lan Lan, as told to Mina Hanbury-Tenison
Fotos Asian Models Blog

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