lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Como casarse con un BIllonario (VIII)

4.- Designer clothes?

Shanghai Girls are notorious for spending most of their disposable income (and other people´s disposable income) on their clothes. Why do they do this? Well, it´s simple: it´s the most basic requisite of looking good, just like a good figure and perfect toilette. There´s nothing wrong with borrowing other girls clothes or, if in a pinch, borrowing something from a store and returning once the occasion is past. Guys might say they don´t care what you wear, but more often than not they will take stock of your designer preferences. This is useful for starter-boyfriends who may need hints as to the items he should buy for. Also if you´re trying to pass yourself off as more established and wealthy than you reallu are, a few brand names here and there will make him relax.

Shanghai Girls, by Lan Lan, as told to Mina Hanbury-Tenison
Fotos Asian Model Blog

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