miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Plan B, la historia

Llevo todo el año siguiendo esta historia. Es más propia de meses menos calurosos pero al final los bares y las cárceles están llenos todo el año ...
Talk about tomorrow girl,
it's only gonna end in tears baby, yeah.
I challenge my role girl,
all we got left is right here.
(ooh ooh yeah)
All we do is try,
try to make it all okay baby, yeah.
We both know it's a waste of time,
things are never gonna change.

I'm in a brawl
Cos I wont take it lying down
Right inside the bar
The police are on their way right now

Cos I always stay too long
Long enough for something to go wrong
Yeah I always stay too long
The ladies better singa my s-s-s-song, s-s-s-s-song, s-s-s-s-song, s-s-s-song

so i said, what you sayin girl it cant be right
how can you be in love with me
we only just met tonight
so she said.. boy i loved you from the start
when i first heard love goes down
something started burning in my heart
i said stop this crazy talk
and leave right now and close the door
she said but i love you boy i love you so
she said i love you baby oh oh oh oh
she said i love you more than words can say
she said i love you bayayayayby (yes you did)

Lord Above, fathers killed a man,
Let somebody take the blame,
Lord above, find i'm kneeling down,
my pray take away this pain going up in here.

I'm prayin', Lord im prayin' to you,
Take away this guilt all up in my head
I'm pleading, lord im pleading wit' you,
Got some things to do before the day im dead.

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