viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Como casarse con un BIllonario (III)

Shanghai girl rarely emerge form nowhere straight into the arms of a
multimillionaire. […]

Starter Husband […] well, let´s just say that
during the days when the girl was making less than 100 dollars a month, marrying
the 40-yer-old expatriate divorcee lacking in confidence and needing a sweet
girl by his side fit the 21-yera-old Shangai Girls´s needs. But after five,
seven years, it might have dawned on her that he would be content with a mugo f
beer every night and his study but unexciting salary thet would go towards his
modest retirement fund. She might not have even realizad this until she went
back to the US, UK or Germany with him and saw the kina of dull neighborhood he
lived in and rank he held at his company back at home.

In the 1980s in
Shanghai a starter-husband made all the difference between living with your
parents in a 12-square meter house with a shared communal toilet or living in
your boyfriend or husband´s three-bedroom apartment with two ensuite bathrooms.

[…] And if her instincts were correct, she probable didn´t give him any
children beacuse after a few years, she realized he was not the kina of
long-term investment she wanted to make.

Shanghai Girls, by Lan Lan, as told to Mina Hanbury-Tenison

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