miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Rain y su némesis

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“Last week, MTV gave out their annual movie award. But I didn’t even get a nomination. Hey MTV, what about my voice over work in the ‘Bounty Hunter’? But what MTV did next shocked me more than if they had played a music video. (Cue drawn-out fist-pumping scream) Raaaaaaaiiiin! Yes Rain! My Kpop arch-nemesis. A man who takes true pleasure in beating me at things. From Time.com’s most influential person…to out-selling my Korean pop single…and now he wins for ‘Ninja Assassin’? Clearly he only won the ‘Badass Award’ because his movie has the word ‘ass’ in the title twice. And was bad.”

He added, “But you know who didn’t appeared in that movie? Me. Who’s the better ninja now.”

Oh, snap. Despite this talk of rivalry, do you think maybe Stephen Colbert just has a teensy man-crush on our beloved Jung Ji Hoon? Whatever it is, it just keeps me in stitches.

Credit: EW.com, colbertnation.com, seoulbeats

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