miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Secret Reunion, el teaser

Mira que a los coreanos les da juego lo de la división de la península, los espías, el régimen de Korea del Norte, los infiltrados, los desertores. Vamos que se lo digan a los guionistas de IRIS.

"Secret Reunion" (aka Sworn Brothers) is set six years after a dubious gunfight took place in the heart of Seoul. Song Kang-ho plays Lee Han-kyu, who was kicked out of the National Intelligence Service. Han-kyu acts first with his body rather than his head. Kang Dong-won is playing Song Ji-won, a cool-headed and precise agent who was abandoned by North Korea. The story unfolds as the two meet but each continues to conceal his identity from the other.

Synopsis :
Ji-won is a North Korean resident spy, is contacted by an agent "Shadow" and begins a mission to assassinate a traitor. Hot-tempered South Korean intelligence agent Han-gyu gets to know such plot from a liaison and attempts to prosecute "Shadow" without permission but fails. As a result Han-gyu resigns from the agency. 6 years later, Han-gyu operates an investigation agency and come across Ji-won once again. Wanting the bounty for bringing in a Ji-won, Han-gyu offers him a partnership to keep him close. Ji-won assumes that Han-gyu is still the agent and agrees to get rid of his false accusation of a traitor. As they work and live under one roof, they maintain a tight-rope tension but an unusual friendship.

Fuente: Soompi

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