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Edison Chen ya está de vuelta

Nosotros ya lo trajimos de vuelta aquí con mucha alegría porque es un chico Beijing, antes, durante y después del escándalo, pero si ahora ya va en GQ, en blanco y negro y con reflexiones personales sobre el asunto y sobre su buena relación con Nicholas Tse, pues vamos, entonces es oficial.

Edison Chen who has not made a public appearance for a longtime accepted an interview with "GQ" magazine and mentioned about the sex scandal again.

He personally revealed his feelings towards the incident. He said "Taking my computer for repair is the biggest regret of my life. The scandal taught me a lesson but I will always have a question unanswered as to why I am the bad guy? I still don't understand, even holding a press conference and apologizing. The incident needed someone to calm it down and I was willing to be that bad guy. Am I really the bad guy? No, the incident needed a scapegoat and I didn't do anything bad". He also had some anger "I lost a lot of earnings last year. I even had to leave my home because I am that bad guy".

When mentioning the sex scandal, Edison refered it to "that incident". He said "That incident isn't about sex. It was a private matter. It was theft. To others it might be a sex scandal but to me it's invading my privacy".

How does he rank sex, love, money and family? "Love and family are similar. Next comes money and last sex. I am a man and men in this world like sex and need love. Nowaday I believe in love."

Didn't Turn Crazy or Commit Suicide

Thinking about the past, Edison found Valentines day in 2008 the most difficult time to deal with. "I was afraid to go out, I was afraid to eat. I didn't dare to do anything. I didn't leave my house for 2-3 weeks". He didn't know how the incident would turn out. "I feel I am very fortunate that I didn't turn crazy or commit suicide. I saw things through, has my life ended? No! I am still living".

Leaving Hong Kong and the entertainment field, Edison soon returned to normal life. He stated that he learned a lot about leading a normal lifestyle. He learned to iron his clothes as in the past he would command his maid to do it for him, which would take 3 minutes. But now when he irons himself he discovered that he couldn't do it in 3 minutes.

He stressed that since the scandal brokeout his girlfriend has always been by his side. "I think she is Superwoman. She has always been supportive. If I didn't have her support I wouldn't dare to hold a press conference in Hong Kong".

Forever Friends with Nicholas Tse

Due to Cecilia in the scandal, Nicholas and Edison's friendship became awkward. But Edison stressed that they will be friends forever. "When we studied in Hong Kong International School we were very close pals. If he needed help I would definitely help him. Even till the last day of my life he will always be my friend".

Fuente: Baidu y CriEnglish

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