martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

Zidane es un soso (¿creo?)

Dejo el texto tal cual porque no me atrevo a decir si son fotos de Zidane o de su figura de cera! Es que para ser humano me parece muy hierático, y para ser de cera me parecen muy perfectas! Total que quería hacer un chiste a cosa de Zidane y no puedo porque no entiendo el texto! joooo!

If spectacles, silk jammies and shiny suits are your thing, then Sport & Style magazine has heeded to your Monday-pick-me-up demands, Kickettes.

Yes, Zinedine Zidane and his Madame Tussaud wax figurine are wearing far too many layers of clothes. In all of the photos, in fact.

(Hand that photographer his P45 already, S&S!)

Oh well, one silver lining to these shots: mirror pouts produce multiple Zizous.

More Zizous make the world a better, albeit more headbutty, place.

Mmm. Saying “headbutty” reminds us of saying “bacon butty” and those calorie-drenched, “ow, my heart hurts” beauties are just ace.

Anyhoo. We love these shots, but admit we’re not scrambling to replace the S&S Yoann Gourcuff tousle-me-up pics in our digital picture frames just yet. No, he and his Bruce Weber masterpieces have earned the right to ”ellipse motion” on our desks a little while longer.

Fuente: Kickette

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