miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Joyas de Gallery of the Absurd

Fantástica y frívola reinterprertación del simbólico Guernica. Son increíbles las asociaciones mentales que nos provocan las cosas.

A reader sent me THIS photo of Paris Hilton tongue kissing yet another unfortunate victim caught in her talons under the darkness of night. Upon first glance, it wasn't Paris Hilton I saw, it was the horse figure straight out of Picasso's Guernica. Her exaggerated outstretched tongue and the way her hands hold the man in some sort of death grip seemed so calculated. She knew the paparazzi was snapping away at her and she knew the photo would make the rounds on the internet and that people would react to it. So yeah, I reacted to it. Medium: ink on paper, much thanks to Urban Rabbit and Krista. My sincere apologies to Picasso.

Fuente: Gallery of The Absurd

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  1. Con todo, Paris me sige pareciendo tan sexy como un corderito!