lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Hyun Bin i´m happy ¿seguro?

The poster of the movie I am happy starring Hyun Bin and Lee Bo-Young was unveiled prior to the premiere on 26th. The movie is about a story of Man-Su (Hyun Bin) fallen in expansive delusion and Soo-Kyoung (Lee Bo-Young) living in pain while taking care of her father who is in a battle with cancer. The film provokes sadness as the two heartbroken characters who desire to depend upon each other cannot get together easily.

However, in the movie poster, they are portrayed as a happy couple. It presents a heartwarming scene. The way the characters turning to each other and seeking happiness even in pain gives an opportunity for the audience to remind themselves of the meaning of happiness.

Parece que todo pertenece a la misma película. Pero el trailer, el poster y la sinopsis parecen de tres películas distintas. Eso sí tienen un elemento en común: EL DRAMA, drama con mayúsculas. De llorar a moco.

Fuente: Soompi

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